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Uship Clone Script is a smooth running company of logistics which offers top and higher opportunities to people with industry profession or non-professionals.
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 Overview to Logistic Movement by Container Tracking Software Script

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PostSubject: Overview to Logistic Movement by Container Tracking Software Script   Tue Jul 25, 2017 3:07 pm

This service shows you the current status of one or more bookings at the terminals of logistics by entering a container operator code, booking number, size type. By entering one or more specific container prefix/numbers at the same time you can also check if the container is known for one of the bookings.
Authorization: To get this service you have to request for authorization for the service ‘Container Tracking Software Script’. Here for you have to be registered to move your logistics.
After requesting for authorization the request will be send to admin and will be handled within a couple of days. If you have been authorized a mail will be send to you.
After you are authorized and logged in you can find this service under menu ‘Services’ and then ‘Tracking’.
Selection: You can make your own selection to obtain the information you are interested in, by means of the following items:
• Operator code
• Booking number
• Size type
• Container prefix/number (not mandatory)
After making the selection and pushing the ‘Go’ button the following data will be displayed (with sorting options via the arrow blocks):
• Operator code
• Booking number
• Size type
• F/E (full/empty)
• Remark booking (see for more information below)
• Qty/Rcv/Book (total number of containers in booking/received number of containers for booking/number of containers still to come)
• Container (all containers found for the booking)
• Status Booking (see for more information below)
• Remark container (see for more information below)
How It Works?
The Container Tracking Script is as simple to use as it is effective in ensuring that your valuable cargo arrives at its destination without tampering by unauthorized parties. The Container Tracking Script can be used in a variety of applications, including shipping containers, local and cross-country trucking, storage rooms, remote facilities and ballot boxes. Below is an explained how quickly you can ensure that valuable cargo safely reaches its destination without tampering. Each step takes just seconds to execute, saving valuable man-hours.
Step 1
The container is filled with your high-value cargo.
The Container Tracking Software Script is attached to the container in lieu of a standard locking device, such as a padlock.
Step 2
The customer uses the Container Tracking Script test on his handset to book his order and track his container to learn online status of shipment.
The sequence takes only seconds to perform.
Step 3
The mobile test app transmits the encrypted file over the Internet to a secure cloud-based server.
The booking serial number is used by customer to track his shipment online.The container is now shipped and the shipment can be tracked continuously via in-application maps and GPS location features. Any attempts at tampering in-transit automatically generate an alert to the management console software which is then instantly distributed to designated personnel via its smartphone apps.
Step 4
When the shipment arrives at its final destination, the receiving agent uses the container tracking Smartphone app to retrieve the serial number and unique signature. This data is compared to the data collected from the departure-point scan. If the data matches, the shipment is verified as having completed its journey without tampering.
This process takes just seconds to complete.
Website: http://www.couriersoftwares.com/product/container-booking.html
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Overview to Logistic Movement by Container Tracking Software Script
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